My web copywriting services: The process

How it works

Wondering about the nitty-gritty of using web copywriting services? You’ll find that my process is well defined, straightforward, and focused on providing you with a thoroughly pleasant experience and very happy outcome. My many repeat clients will testify to this!

So, here in a nutshell is my usual content creation timeline:
1. You get in touch with me.
2. I call or email you back – whichever you prefer. Always promptly – within 24 hours at the very latest.
3. You fill me in on what you’re after. Again either by phone, email, answering my project brief, or a combination of any of these. Whatever suits you.  (Many copywriters will insist on a written brief, but you well may be one of the many clients who dislikes having to do this. I’m the word nerd after all!)
4. After I’ve got a clear idea of your needs, I’ll supply you with a written proposal – again within 24 hours. This will include a detailed scope of your project, plus my T & Cs.

My copywriting costs:

I generally quote on your individual project. Except in rare (usually editing for existing clients) cases I don’t charge by the hour, and I certainly don’t charge by the word! I supply you with a fixed price, so you won’t get any nasty surprises from add-on charges at the end.

My web copywriting services fees include:
– Time for comprehensive subject and SEO research, including getting a handle on your main competitors
– Initial draft complete with keyword recommendations, meta titles and descriptions, copy guidelines, formatting guidelines, navigational elements
– 3 rounds of copy amends, if necessary. (I usually nail it, says she modestly!! pretty much the first time round, so if any changes are needed they’re normally fairly small)
– 1 round of proofreading

So, on with the timeline:
5. When you accept the price, I’ll send you an invoice for the deposit, payable one week before the start date. For projects under $1,000 the deposit will consist of the full amount. For projects over $1,000 I require 50% of the total. I’ll send you an invoice for the balance two weeks after you receive your first full draft, payable 7 days.
Note:  Of course I’m available to do the necessary amendments at any stage, if you can’t get back to me within the two weeks.
6. I’ll send you the first draft, within the specific timeframe detailed in my proposal and most often sooner.
7. You get back to me with any changes needed (see above). I make the amendments and send them to you in a fast turnaround.
8. Any further minor amendments to be completed.
9. Your beautiful, customer converting copy is ready to roll!