Copywriting vs writing for kids

You'd be surprised how similar they are

August 11, 2013- 2 Comments

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Are you a two-hat writer?

On the one hand an erm … efficient, grounded, moneymaking copywriter? And on the other a self-indulgent, neurotic, impoverished purveyor of fiction? Join the large, mildly schizophrenic and usually frustrated club.

As a children’s author and …

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If you want to be a writer …

You'll be given lots of advice

June 30, 2013- 2 Comments

Be it children’s stories, literary fiction, web copy, poetry, newsletters, plays, picture books … whatever. There’s a myriad of self-styled experts out there – both on and off-line. Very well-meaning. And just busting to tell you just how to go about it! The first thing they’ll tell you is to Find Your …

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