Website content

Your website is your virtual shop window

First glance is everything. But your website doesn’t only need great visuals and layout – the copy is crucial. How many businesses spend thousands on web design, only to be wasted because of dull, rambling words? And so lacking in properly placed keyword phrases, headers and search engine optimisation that the site is lost down the Google rankings anyway?

Have a look at your website content. Does it have

  • An attention-grabbing, search engine optimised headline?
  • Sub-headers that expand on the headline?
  • Simple, clear, conversational language?
  • Benefits listed in bullet points, not wordy paragraphs
  • A clear call to action?
  • A simple domain name?

Just as importantly, does it focus on your customer? A reader wants to know ‘What’s in it for me?’ If the ‘we’s and the ‘our’s outnumber the ‘you’s and the ‘your’s, then your potential customers are going to move on. To a site which speaks to them, and their needs.

Other important inclusions:

  • Proof of your wonderful product or service (testimonials)
  • Value added stuff (free info or product)
  • A sense of urgency (an inducement to act now)