Proofreading and editing services

Your muddle is my delight!

As far as editing services go, your website, handbook, editorial, white paper, blog – whatever – should be written in clear, conversational, compelling language. Keeping a primary focus on your reader, not on you or your company. In other words, more ‘you’ and ‘your’ than ‘we’ and ‘our’. Your audience needs to stay absorbed, not nod off!  Not forgetting a logical, easy-to-follow structure. And of course content that goes online – mostly all these days – is a waste of money if it’s not structured and search engine optimised to get a big tick from Google!

So, struggling to find the right words? Content seems a bit wishy-washy, muddy, and all over the place? I can whip it into alluring shape, quickly and efficiently. I actually adore, in the words of one of my favourite clients, ‘turning boring text into professional copy‘.