Advertising copywriting

Facebook, video, print, press, emails

Whether it’s print or digital marketing – advertising copywriting basics stay the same. Whether it’s for the almighty Facebook, YouTube or any other advertising channel, benefits rule. Good advertising content is compelling because it’s useful! The hook can be sledgehammer or subtle, but it’s got to be there. And as for email advertising, if there’s no enticing benefit in the email title, then it generally goes in the trash  – unopened.

‘Here are some more thoughts about print or online advertisements:

  • In case you hadn’t noticed, video is king. Add a useful, informative vid and your conversion rate will soar.
  • The best ads have one key message. Any more will lose your reader’s attention, quick smart.
  • The ad should speak to one person who encapsulates your target market –  make him or her feel specifically addressed.
  • Drama! is a must. Even a relatively dull product can shine if the ad is fun and/or challenging.
  • A strong header is also vital. One that leaps off your page, simple, bold and clear. Which makes your reader pause, and think.
  • Print ads: The header and image should work together. If your ad is good, one doesn’t work without the other. If either the headline or the image sends the message on its own, it’s redundant. And the ad will be boring.
  • Body copy – less is more. Few people actually read small print. So keep it as simple and brief as possible. Sub-headers with graphics and a good sized font can really stand out.
  • The strap line is also key. Remember Toyota’s Oh what a feeling?