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Carefully crafted, creative copy is crucial to the success of your SEO website, content marketing, brochure, blog, or editorial. I specialise in specifically targeted, customer-focussed copywriting that’ll boost your communication and sales, whatever your promotion.

 The ideal voice For youR content marketing

Charlotte Calder CopywriterI’m a content writer and children’s author based in Sydney and Orange, NSW. Whether you’re after the best copywriter for a new or existing website, blog, brochure or case study, you’ll find I’m terrific at showing your business at its best. From B2B promotions to beauty blogs to emails,  I’m always able to put myself right in your target audience’s shoes. And I write in a clear, conversational, persuasive voice that really communicates with your readers.

In past lives I’ve worked as an actor, photographer and in PR, and have written occasional columns for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian. I’ve also been co-proprietor of several successful retail and wholesale concerns. So I know just where you’re coming from business-wise!